Life As Of Late





Sorry for the brief absence over here as of late! It sure has been a busy summer. We finally got all settled into our new place, and we are just over the moon with our little apartment. Paul has been so incredibly handy around the house, building a desk, bookshelves, and bedside lamps and tables. It’s pretty crazy how talented he is.




I’ve been doing a pretty decent amount of weddings this summer and enjoying all the beautiful locations they take place in! You can’t really tell, but the picture above and to the right is of Lady Liberty! Pretty cool.


Lincoln finally got fixed, bless him! We’ve seen a huge improvement in his behavior. He’s really turning into a good, sweet dog!




And as always, enjoying all that Brooklyn has to offer. I sure am loving that Phoebe  has been hanging around Williamsburg and Greenpoint regularly.

We’re so excited to come to Texas next week! We’re definitely ready for a little vacation.



It Was a Good Weekend


We’re so excited to announce that we are moving into a new apartment in Greenpoint on the dreamiest of streets that is Guernsey. Paul takes the East River Ferry to work and I walk him to the pier on the days that I work from home. Every day we would walk down Guernsey and speculate at how amazing it would be to live on such a tucked away little treasure. Turns out thinking positively sure does have it’s perks.


I did makeup for a wedding on Saturday, but even still the entire weekend felt like a celebration of the finding of our new home. Long walks through the neighborhood at night past our new home, which luckily is already vacant so we can creepily peer through the windows with only the slightest bit of guilt, dinner and drinks with Phoebe and Ryan, brunch with friends in Long Island City and a visit to MoMA’s P.S. 1 museum.

FaF_museum3FaF_museum2 FaF_museum1

We concluded the weekend with a delicious homemade meal by Paul (we are starting to get the hang of eating at home) and yet another nighttime walk past our upcoming apartment on our favorite, picturesque block.


I sure do love where things are headed.



We noticed that Spina had opened up on Franklin Street about a week ago. Unsure whether it was a flower shop or a coffee shop, my love for both had me immediately intrigued.

After a lengthy bout of curiosity, we finally visited Spina today and it turns out that it is both! Apparently, Spina has been providing floral services in the area for quite some time, but their storefront/coffee shop combo is a very recent endeavor.

Serving Blue Bottle Coffee (which is roasted here in Brooklyn), and stocked with beautiful fresh flowers, plants, stationary (specifically Rifle Paper Co. and Field Notes) and candles, Spina has a bright, friendly and pleasantly aromatic atmosphere. We’ll definitely be stopping by regularly!

An Impromptu Day Date


Friday was such an amazing day. It started out how most of our days normally do; Lincoln and I walked Paul to the pier where he takes the ferry to work. I already had the day off and had planned on having a solo picnic in The Great Lawn at Central Park and then checking out a new art installation at Madison Square Park.

By the time Lincoln and I walked home from the pier, Paul messaged me saying that due to his recent hard work, his boss had given him the day off! And just like that, we had a day date! I packed two sandwiches and we met up at the park.

Then we happened to stumble upon this amazing skateboarding dog named Cartman.

Pretty much incredible. After a pretty lengthy hike through the park (I swear, every time I go, I discover something new!), we hopped on a train down to Madison Square Park to check out the new installation by Orly Genger. I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to go back and check it out again.

Later that night, we went to a cookout at some friends’ who have a really nice little courtyard. All in all, a dreamy day!



We’re Annie Strole and Paul Samples. That’s our dog Lincoln making a cameo.

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